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The Best Tinted Lip Balms Out There, Ranked


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What's the Last Good Thing You Bought at Ulta?

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Things That Make (Good) Scents

We're sniffing out the best smelling products on the app.

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David Nicholson: Co-Founder, The Good Patch

MUA Talk

Jaleesa Jaikaran on Chasing Your Dreams, Good Reputations, and Her Holy Grail Eyeliner

Beauty Blueprint

3 Ways to Look Sweaty In a Good Way + Challenge!


OK, Byredo's Makeup Is Fancy and Expensive But Also Good

Super Sleuth

All The Skincare Tools I've Tried That Work (And Some That Are Just OK)

Brand Review

The 6 Best COSRX Products on the App—Tonight's Drop is #1!

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The 15 Must-Try Nail Trends of Spring 2020

Try out your favorite look and get 10 Supercoins!


I Tested 3 TikTok Beauty Hacks

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What's the First Thing You Do For Your Skin In the Morning?

Are you a morning cleanser or a morning moisturizer?

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Supergreat's Haircare Gift Guide: All the Sales & Drops Coming to the App This Week

It's your chance to score a T3 Airebrush and a Supergreat holy grail from Bread Beauty Supply.

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Supergreat's Skincare Gift Guide: All the Sales & Drops Coming to the App This Week

Because last minute holiday shopping is not it!

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Supergreat Beauty Awards 2021: The Best Makeup

The best in makeup, chosen by you.

Featured Reviewer

Steal Her Look: The O.C.'s Marissa Cooper

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The Best Makeup and Skincare Products for Melasma

How do you lighten these mysterious dark spots?

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So, You're Sunburnt...WYD?

How do you calm your red, flaming hot skin?