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What Are Makeup Dupes and Why You Should Try Them Out

Everything you need to know about dupes, how to find the best ones, and our top recommendations.


Alyczandra's Spongebob Themed Makeup Tutorial


Here Are the 5 Best Eyebrow Pencils, According to Your Reviews

We scoured through your reviews, and these products rose to the top.


Turns Out We All Have the Same 4 Favorite Lip & Cheek Products

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The Best Multi-Use Makeup Reviews

Community Topic

The 15 Best Drugstore Makeup and Skincare Products for 2020

Because high price doesn't always mean best quality...

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The Best Cruelty-Free and Vegan Makeup Brands

What these terms mean and how to avoid being fooled.

Beauty Blueprint

I Tried the Foil Eyeshadow Technique

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These Are the Best Brow Product Reviews on the App

Supergreat Academy

How to Do Winged Eyeliner

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How Do You Get Your Skin to Look like Glass?

Porcelain doll vibes

Brand Review

The 5 Best elf Products for Your Eyes, Lips and Face

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Eye Cream: Gimmick or Godsend?

Is it just expensive moisturizer in a small pot?

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How Do You Contour Without The Cray?

Contour... It's like plastic surgery without the commitment but it can still go horribly wrong.

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Soap Brow Alternatives: 4 Brow Hacks that are Kinder to Your Skin

Achieving fluffy brows should not be this hard. Learn the best soap brow alternatives here.

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Winter Skin Care Routine: 4 Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Learn how to keep your skin from running dry even when the air is.


10 Community Members We're Obsessed With Right Now Vol. 1

And you should be too.

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It's Spooky SZN: Enter This Halloween Makeup Challenge...If You Dare

Show us how scary talented you are!

Featured Reviewer

Bow Down to Queen JaleesaJaikaran As Cleopatra

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Beauty Monster Mash: Our Fav Products Inspired by Classic Halloween Costumes

Get into the spirit of Halloween