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Past Rewards

What are rewards and how do I redeem them?

Supercoins are our in-app currency used to redeem beauty products from our “Drops” section. Every day at 7pm EST, a new product becomes available to redeem. Once you’ve redeemed a product, fill out your name and correct delivery address, and the reward will arrive at your doorstep within approximately 7 days. It doesn’t cost a thing.

How do I get Supercoins?

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Through views

Making meaningful content, including demos, tutorials, and thoughtful critique, will ensure that your reviews are featured. This will get you more coins; for every 10 views you get, you earn 1 coin.

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By inviting people to the app

Invite friends and family to the app by sharing your invite code, your username. Every person you invite who uses your code will give both of you 5 coins each. 

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Participate in our challenges

We regularly challenge the community to makeup and skincare challenges that give participants a chance to win big! Keep your eyes peeled in the “Articles” tab and follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss the next one.