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From Korea, With Love We’re Kayla and Lisa, two friends who started Soon Skincare to bring the excitement and innovation of Korean skincare to everyone. In Korean, soon means smooth and pure, which perfectly describes how we want our products to make your skin feel. It also happens to be Lisa’s grandmother’s name, a woman born and raised in Korea and completely dedicated to her skincare routine. Our journey to become Soon Skincare started before we even knew. Growing up, Kayla suffered from severe cystic acne, which introduced her to professional skincare at a young age. As she got older, she began to care more about using clean, high-quality ingredients in her routine. Flash forward to a trip to Puerto Vallarta years later. A few of our girlfriends joined us, and Kayla researched Korean sheet masks to bring for a relaxing girls’ night. What we got was bad smelling, poorly fitting, confusing masks that slid off our faces. The experience, while hysterical, left much to be desired…especially when it came to results. We knew we could do better and that women wanted more from their masks. After continuing to research, Kayla paired her ingredients know-how and personal experiences to come up with Soon Skincare. Korean skincare is on the forefront of innovation and with family ties to the region Lisa was immediately on board. Countless trips to Korea later, we’ve created a line of products that unites accessible skincare with visible results. Now, we spend our days dividing and conquering to bring the beauty and culture of Korean skincare to women all around the world. Lisa manages our strategic partners at home and abroad and oversees our customer service team, so you always have a great experience with Soon Skincare. Kayla manages the day-to-day operations, our team of chemists and research and development, formulating with ingredients that your skin loves and you can feel good about using. Because to us, skincare isn’t just part of a routine. It’s an act of honoring your body. XO, Kayla and Lisa

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