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Bomba Curls was created by Lulu Cordero, an Afro-Dominicana who believed that curls should be celebrated! She also wanted to share the tightly kept Dominican beauty secrets used by generations of women to naturally boost growth and maintain fullness with the world. The outcome was Bomba Curls, which uses premium and organic super-ingredients to help you achieve maximum length retention and curls that serve major POP! Bomba Curls was born when Lulu found herself suffering from severe traction alopecia and turned to the unique hair care recipes used in her native Dominican Republic to formulate elixirs that promote hair growth and health. She created her own blends using the Dominican beauty secrets she grew up with and her curls and edges flourished! Lulu took the magic behind those “hair potions” and created clean, pure and organic natural hair products specifically formulated to meet the needs of our natural curls and coils. Bomba Curls uses the unique elements of Dominican style formulations and blends them with time tested hair care secrets and organic ingredients to naturally nourish the scalp, achieve luscious curls and promote healthy hair growth.

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