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Turn Yourself Into a Work of Art Challenge With Kailav

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We often liken makeup to works of art and our faces are the canvas—this is easy to see when we have so many creatives sharing their skills with us daily. We’re taking it one step further with our newest challenge inspired by Kailav to turn yourself into a work of art.

Formerly Musée Beauty, Kailav was created by sisters Kaya and Tara to combine their two passions; art and makeup. Their products include colorful eyeshadows and palettes inspired by art terms and pieces, including the aptly named Van Gogh Palette and Impressionism pieces. Supergreat is a big fan of the brand—we even partnered with Kailav last year to drop one of their eyeshadow palettes.


The Impressionism Palette

Inspired by their colorful palettes and because we want to see y’all get creative, Supergreat’s newest challenge is to turn yourself into a piece of art. Hosted by the always wonderful Abi and Nic, keep scrolling to see their museum-worthy makeup.

Abi's Framed Art

The Impressionism Palette
Seoul Cleansing Balm
Everyone is art. This app is all about highlighting the beauty in our differences. If I didn't interpret this challenge literally, I probably would have created a look that highlights an insecurity of mine, which is my crooked chin. Even though I cringe at pictures of myself because of it, my crooked chin is unique and makes me a work of art, probably in the abstract category (lol). However, I decided to take this challenge literally by recreating a work of art on my face—frame and all. I painted a Monet-esque water lily scene inspired by the Kailav Beauty Impressionism palette. I love Monet's work. I think his paintings are so dreamy and you can really get lost in them.


The Impressionism Palette

For my blue base, I used Starry from Kailav Beauty's Impressionism palette. It's a shimmery blue that glides on like butter. To add details, I used SUVA's hydra liners. For the frame, I used NYX Epic Wear liner in the shade gold plated and topped it with the Spongebob Squarepants x Wet n Wild highlighter for added shimmer.

I'm a sucker for gorgeous packaging. All of Kailav Beauty's products are gorgeous. You can tell a lot of thought went into them from the artwork on the palettes to the shades inside. Everything from Kailav Beauty is a work of art within itself. The formulation is incredible too. The shadows glide on like butter, they aren't patchy, and they're highly pigmented. It's hard to find palettes with such great consistency at such an affordable price point.

Nic's Drag Art

The Impressionism Palette
The Impressionism Palette
Lux Lipstick Kit
“Making yourself art” just screams drag to me. I think all forms of makeup are an artistic expression, but there’s something about drag that feels like it’s more about the character, the persona, the whole gig for me. This is my take on a Juno Birch look! Juno Birch is an absolutely stunning English artist, Drag Queen, and icon. When I thought about “You Are Art”, I immediately thought of Juno.
Instagram @junobirch

Instagram @junobirch

Her persona is fully performance art, just a gorgeous little alien trying to cosplay as a human. For this look, I used the Impressionism Palette from Kailav Beauty to get my green base and the blush. I’m really gagged that I was able to paint my literal face with this palette. It worked like a charm, and my face wasn’t green at all after I took it off! Was lowkey scared I’d be going to the grocery store looking like a pale Shrek. Then I used the Dream House Lip Kit from ColourPop that was dropped during Spookygreat and was the perfect Barbie pink.
CHALLENGE: Recreate a piece of art on your face or make a makeup look that is inspired by an artistic movement. You have until 01/20 to enter, everyone who participates gets 20 coins, and one winner will get 100 coins. Only one entry per person will be counted, GOOD LUCK and show us your Louvre worthy beauty!


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