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WLDKAT's Self-Care Challenge!

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We hope you've all been having a great WLDKAT week—between our daily drops, amazing Superbundles and a live event with the brand's founder Amy Zunzunegui, there's been more than enough chances to get very excited about WLDKAT's truly unique product line. That, plus the SG staff hasn't stopped talking about how good their products are since Monday. TRUST US. It's all just so good.

There are still a few days to bask in WLDKAT's greatness, and today we bring you one of the funnest and least stressful challenges we've ever hosted. All we (and WLDKAT) want you to do is show us how you practice self-care—whether it be related to skincare, makeup, haircare, or none of the above.

I like to take a few baths a week and love trying different bath salts and bubble baths. I also like to do long skincare routines involving multiple masks and layers of serums and moisturizers. I also am really getting into using the app Breathwrk a few times per day.

"Our stance on self-care is focused around 'less obsession, more self worship,' says WLDKAT's brand manager Amanda Rodriguez. "We speak to being gentle with ourselves and prioritizing loving ourselves so we can show up and be the best we can for the world around us. Definitely some BIG Rupaul energy." By the way, you'll have the chance to buy the Lip gel trio for $33 dollars ($48 value) tonight at 7pm EST in a LIVE event co-hosted by Amanda herself!

Here are some reviews I've made using my current favorite self-care products (one of which includes my all time Holy Grail, my puppy Benny). Keep scrolling for the Challenge rules!

Big Dipper Mineral Bath
Saffron + Oat Milk Glow Serum
Mushroom + Moss Gel Cream

CHALLENGE: Show us how you self-worship! Add a review of your favorite product that you use during your self-care ritual, and share some tips and tricks for how you take care of yourself. Do you use any meditation apps like Headspace or Breathwkr? Do you like to get outside or do physical activity of any kind? Do you like to paint, or bake (your face counts!)? Whatever you recommend, we're all ears.

Everyone who participates will get 20 Supercoins, and if you include a WLDKAT product in your self-care ritual, you will get an extra 10 Supercoins on WLDKAT! That's right, 30 total. WLDKAT will also be choosing one Supergreater who will be getting 100 Supercoins. Only one entry per person will be rewarded and you have until 03/04 to enter!


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