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MUA wearing a white makeup look on a red background


White After Labor Day Challenge!

by @vanzillascott
Sep 08, 2021


31 Challenge entries

It's been a while since we tossed out all the rules when it comes to getting dressed and applying makeup—and the pandemic only strengthened people's resolve to present themselves however they want. Life is too short to listen to arbitrary trends, and so when my mind reflexively thought of the "no white after Labor Day" rule last weekend, I aggressively wanted to go against it. Cue Mona Marie, the first person I think of when I need to see creative makeup. I set up the challenge and asked her to make a makeup look using white—here's what she did.

"I wanted to keep this look cute and minimal," she says. "I stepped away from eyeshadow and focused on a simple graphic liner, adding playfulness with white freckles. I made it flirty with a full, fluffy lash, and finished the look with MAC’s Lady Danger for a bold lip to reclaim power from the 1800/1900’s elitists who made the bogus “rule” to wear no white after Labor Day (it's true, read about the history here). Express yourself freely; wear what colors you want whenever you want, be unapologetic and do it with confidence!"

Mona Marie used Suva's Space Panda Hydra Liner to create this cute graphic freckled look.

Here's her review:

CHALLENGE: Incorporate white makeup into your look in radical defiance of the outdated and dumb "no white after labor day" rule. Everyone who participates will get 20 coins, and only one entry per person will be counted. One winner will get 100 coins! You have until 09/16 to enter, have fun!