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Riyah Asks: What Are Your Fav Cream Blushes?

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Literally nobody ever:

Me: Hey guys, it’s Riyah! You’ve probably seen my face on our YouTube channel, but I’ve decided to interrupt your regular programming today with a serious request. For those who follow me, you know that I’m a cream blush HOE! You could eliminate any step of my makeup routine but I’ll NEVER skip on blush. Why do I love cream blush? It’s simple, it’s the ultimate multi-use product, you can use it on your cheeks, eyes, and lips, maybe even all at the same damn time for a good ol' monochromatic look. She’s creamy, easy to blend, and gives the most natural finish (hello model off-duty look)!

I find that the best way to apply cream blush is over your powders—trust me! All you have to do is lightly dab the product on your cheeks and blend it out with your fingers because it melts it into your skin and helps give you that skin-like finish. You can really apply it anywhere and anyway that you like, because cream products play well with others.

Because I love you guys, here are my top 5 cream blushes, reviewed and ranked:

Tropic Equinox
Cloud Paint
Now I want to know about your go-to's! Add your review and show us how you like to wear cream blush.


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