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We know a lot about you, Supergreaters. We know your favorite products, your least favorite products, your hair type, your skin type, the color of your eyes, hair, and skin, and your deepest beauty obsessions. We know all this so we can recommend the best beauty products for you, but we don’t know much else—so we want to get to know you in the most Supergreat way possible.

It’s time we get personal with some very basic get-to-know-you questions. Let’s start off with an easy one, what’s your favorite color? Don’t just tell us. Create a makeup or nail look to show us. Here’s mine:

My favorite color is black… or at least that’s what I tell people when they ask. The truth is, I’m too much of an overthinker to pick just one. My favorite color changes depending on the season, my mood, and the object in question. If you’re asking me what my favorite color is because you want to buy me a sweater, I’ll probably say pink, but if you ask me what my favorite color is because you want to buy me some home decor, I’ll say gold. Since I don’t really have a favorite color, I think my favorite color is the absence of color, which is why I choose black.

If you're curious about Savannah's favorite color, here's hers:

What’s your favorite color? Create a makeup or nail look to show us and add your review below. Try using your favorite color in an unexpected way to really stand out. Everyone who participates will receive 20 Supercoins once the challenge ends, and one winner will receive 100 Supercoins! You have until December 10th to enter! GOOD LUCK.


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