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Welcome to Makeup Month

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May is Makeup Month here on Supergreat. But isn't every month makeup month here? Only if you want it to be. While hair and skincare are central parts of the Supergreat experience, for the next month forget about them (but not really, please keep up with your skincare routines).

For May our challenges are going to be makeup heavy. You're gonna need all your best skills, or if you are a novice just have fun. We are looking for bright colors and creativity. Many of our makeup challenges will also feature giveaways (ooooo awww).

On top of that editorial will be slightly more focused on makeup overall. We are going to teach you about some new styles of makeup and give you some need to know tips and tricks.

Makeup Month will be featured in our socials and lives as well, so make sure you are tuned into all of our channels. Don't miss out on drops and events coming up.

So get out there and experiment with some new makeup looks this may. Try some new products and let us know what you think.


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