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Verb Released Glossy Line for High Shine

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“Notoriously in the beauty space hair is last,” says Verb Founder Claire Moses. But with Verb, Claire wants to allow people to start putting as much care into their hair as they do their skin and makeup.

Yesterday, the Verb team came out with a line of three products for their new Glossy line. It includes a shampoo, conditioner, and spray. “What we wanted to do is create a high intensity hydration line,” says Claire. While Verb’s other lines incorporate hydration and shine, Glossy is supposed to go further.


Verb Ghost Oil – Vegan Weightless Hair Oil – Lightweight Hair Oil – Revitalizing Hair Treatment Oil Nourishes and Promotes Shine – Paraben Free, Sulfate Free Smoothing Oil

Verb's Origins

Claire created Verb as a way to get luxury haircare in a more affordable pay range. “Our focus was bridging the gap between mass market and high end haircare,” she says. “We really wanted to help people who were looking to get out of that drugstore Pantene Pro V purchasing pattern and get them into a place where they were buying higher quality product without having to spend $50 on a shampoo.” All of Verb’s products are $20.

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Image Courtesy of Verb

Making the Glossy Line

Verb also strives to stick with natural ingredients, though they are not always vegan. “Generally, when something's not vegan in our line, it's because we wanted to use a natural beeswax or lanolin or something that was going to have a really big impact. We wanted to use a more natural versus synthetic ingredient,” says Claire.

The Glossy line primarily consists of peach oil, rose oil and squalane. Verb’s in-house stylist, Esteffany Durán, broke down the ingredients and their importance. “Peach oil, it's super rich in Omega oils, and they help increase the shine in the hair. Rose oil is really good for the vitamins plus the antioxidants that it has, and it helps lock in hydration, and it does maximize the shine as well. Squalane is an olive oil based hydrator and our plan is moisturizer.” Esteffany mentioned that the line also includes castor oil which creates a glossy shine.

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Image Courtesy of Verb

Reactions to Verb

When researching the new line they found that “86% of people saw shinier hair with more moisture 100% People saw smoother hair with less frizz,” says Claire. Although she admits this result relied on a narrower group of test subjects due to COVID.

Verb’s Ghost Oil is a favorite amongst Supergreat users. “It protects my hair; no split ends. I’ve been using it for about a year now and it’s amazing,” says @allison_perez. Let’s see if Glossy can deliver the same level of satisfaction.


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