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We Tried Verb's New Body Wash + Lotion

by @alexis-gaskin
Aug 31, 2021


There are some things in this world that we buy without a second thought because they’re necessities. Toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, lotion; these are just a few everyday items that we use but might not always pay attention to until they’re running out! However, as we have seen from the rise of beauty brands there are more options now than there ever was, and sometimes the ole reliable body wash just doesn’t do it anymore. There are countless options for a variety of skin concerns but the biggest deal breaker is often the price.
Breaking into body products for the first time, hair care brand Verb is trying to close the eternal loop of paying hearty prices for luxury items. Verb founding member, Claire Moses told Supergreat, “What we want to do is really go back to those basic formulas that people are using every single day, and create an alternative that's not only easy on the wallet, but also easy to use and accessible. When you're talking about prestige beauty in general it can be really complicated and there can be a lot of bells and whistles to justify the price point, and they don't necessarily need to be, so one of the things that we do is client focused haircare.”
Already known on Supergreat for their haircare products, Verb is now taking charge of your bathroom routine with these new items. A major highlight of these products is the fact that there was no gender in mind when creating this launch, proving yet again that body wash and lotion does not need to be gendered.

Savannah's reviews:

"The body wash smells really good, I think what matters most to me is the price—it's $18 and the bottle is big, it will last me a long time. The bottom line is that it feels and smells expensive but it isn't and that's harder to find." She also had positive things to say of the lotion, "The body lotion is nice because I have eczema and it's very gentle and fragrance free so I don't need to worry about anything."

My review:

Where the lotion stands out for its hydrating benefits and moisturizing effects from the Moringa, Argan, and Coconut Oil you don’t find yourself missing the scent, however you do miss it with the Body Wash. I have sensitive skin and I’m always reaching towards fragrance free items, but in this case the Body Wash could benefit from something to enhance the experience. What’s left behind is a truly clean scent, but almost overly generic smelling.

The Body Wash and Body Lotion will retail for $18 each or in the Good Skin Body Care Kit for $26 and is available now on and Sephora.