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6 Trendy Winter Hair Colors That Won’t Leave You out in the Cold

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A change in season calls for a change in looks一who’s with me? It’s always a good idea to switch things up一from your wardrobe to your skin care routine, all the way to your hair color! Speaking of hair color, have you decided on a new shade yet? Trendy winter hair colors are always worth the trip to the salon, and in case you need inspiration, I’ve put together some winter-cool shades that made it to my list this year.

Black as coal

Thanks to my Asian genes, my hair is naturally jet black. I have to be honest, I don’t always find it to be a very exciting shade made to stand out every season, so seeing it in the list of most trendy winter hair colors this year makes me want to wear it loud and proud.

The increasing popularity of jet black hair, chestnut, and other deep shades might largely be due to the pandemic-related restrictions on hair salons. Since no one can predict when salons might close again, choosing dyes that are easy to apply at home is definitely practical. Dyeing your own hair is easier with single colors, after all.

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Red and redder

Orange or peachy shades were favorites during the fall, and it seems that red hair isn’t falling out of favor this winter. A rich, lively copper can help you stand out when the climate makes everything else look cold and dull. Copper is also great for those with pale skin, since the brightness helps them avoid looking chalky in cold weather. Honeyed red and dark red are other hues you can try. For women with darker complexions, don’t be afraid to dye your hair red. Violet red, orange-based red, and gilded shades of red can work really well with tan or dark skin.

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All kinds of blonde

Korean pop star CL’s icy blonde hair was eye-catching in the Met Gala this year. Speaking of the icy season, blonde is definitely in. Pale blondes can provide the kind of glamorous yet chill vibe that is essential for winter. Plus, simple shades of blonde can help you look stunning all year round.

If you think your complexion is better suited to warm colors, you can get a strawberry blonde dye for your hair. A word of caution, though. If your natural hair color is a darker shade, getting your hair bleached for a light blonde dye can strip away natural oils and nutrients from the hair. The dry air can also make haircare extra difficult. But coping with dry wintry hair can be hassle-free with the right products.

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White as snow

Silver, white, and gray are classic hair colors mostly because most of our hair strands will gain this color as we age. In the winter, these light hues fit in so spontaneously.

Though your hair will become gray over the years, you can still experiment with these shades early. Plus, if you already have salt and pepper hair, that doesn’t mean you can’t enhance it. Applying hair color to achieve a clean and even coloring is ideal. Just think of how Jamie Lee Curtis rocks her signature silver hair. White hair can look beautiful on anyone regardless of age. Embracing gray hair is easier with the right products, and moisturizers should be prioritized

Bright and happy colors

Whatever the season, experimenting with colors is a good idea. If you’ve already sported red hair but you want your hair to contrast with the winter dreariness, you can always ask your colorist to try colors like blue, green, or pink. Mixing pink and violet hues can signal the coming of spring. But if you think it’s too early to bid the winter farewell, try an icy blue shade. This is easier to pull off if your hair is already bleached. More and more people have been trying out green for the fun of it. After a year of being cooped up at home and clueless about the future, I guess picking a unique hair color is no big deal.

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Dark roots, light ends

Months-long quarantines have had us unable to go back to our stylists for a hair color retouch. The result? Dark roots with light ends. But hey, now we’ve made it fashionable! Even if your hair isn’t dark by nature, you can still own this look by matching dark roots with super light ends. Of course, you can also opt for subtle colors. These shadow roots also need to be compatible with your skin color. These roots give you an authentic look that is also low maintenance, but remember to use the best haircare and skincare products for winter, nonetheless.

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Quick Recap: Winter hair colors

Trends, like seasons, come and go. But that’s not enough of an excuse not to stay in the loop when it comes to winter hair color trends. For this season, shades of black, red, blonde, and white are in. Also consider experimenting with bold and bright colors or shadow roots. Whichever color you choose, establish a haircare routine to make sure your hair is shiny, strong, and healthy.

Are you dyeing your hair this winter? Leave your review below!


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