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The Holiday Whoville Challenge!

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Did you guys watch our Grinch live giveaway last week? Not only did you miss us giving away several bundles of Kylie Cosmetics' The Grinch collection, but you also missed the greatest costumes we've ever showcased on the app—Eliza turned herself into the Grinch (with hilarious fuzzy green eyebrows) and Czarina turned herself into Cindy Lou Who (complete with her signature sky high hair do, pictured above). Saying I screamed once I saw their costumes doesn't go it justice. I literally choked and almost spat out my water. It was perfect, and it inspired this amazing challenge.

CHALLENGE: Turn yourself into any character from Whoville, whether it's the Grinch himself, or a Whovillian. I personally love Martha May Who, but you do you. I'm speaking in rhymes! The key to a Whoville makeup look is LOTS of blush and highlighter, and lots of hair gel and spray. You can do either a makeup look, a hair look, heck, even a nail look inspired by Whoville if that floats your boat. We can't wait to see what you create! Only one entry per person will be counted, and you have until December 23rd to enter! Add your review below and show us how you did it, and we'll give you 20 Supercoins! One winner will get 100 Supercoins, and will be chosen by Cindy Lou Who (aka Czarina hehe). GOOD LUCK!

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