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The Makeup Show Returns This Weekend

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When The Makeup Show premiered it was the first of its kind. “We notice that there's no makeup event in the industry,” says Shelly Taggar, one of The Makeup Show’s Founders. Shelly works for Metropolitan Events, and spends her days planning events of all kinds.
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Image Courtesy of The Makeup Show

Origins of The Makeup Show

The Makeup Show marked a shift for Metropolitan Events because it is the first event the company owns (as opposed to planning events owned by other people). Shelly and her team noticed haircare held major industry events, but for some reason makeup was always relegated to the sidelines.

The first Makeup Show happened in New York. The success of that first show led Metropolitan Events to expand, eventually the event made its way to nine different cities. “Every year, we pick and choose what cities to do. And we try to do between three and five,” says Shelly.

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Image Courtesy of The Makeup Show

A Few COVID Dilemmas

But, understandably, with COVID The Makeup Show was put on a minor break. They did events online, in place of in-person. 2022 is their first year back, and they’re starting with three shows. iArtist 4.0 is happening right now and is an educational opportunity open to only 80 makeup artists. It is a precursor to this weekend when Metropolitan Events will officially bring back The Makeup Show in the Metropolitan Pavilion. Their last event is another Makeup Show happening in California this Fall.

Shelly and her team have been integrating ways to make sure the event is COVID safe for everyone. Though indoor mask mandates have been lifted, Shelly is still asking people to wear masks (but it is not required). Booths are spaced farther apart and all the AC filters are anti-bacterial.

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Image Courtesy of The Makeup Show

Looking Forward to this Year's Event

“Our event is very much an intimate trade show,” says Shelly. “We don't really do massive brands; we pick and choose the brand and we make sure we feature indie brands alongside the established brands.” The event is only opened to makeup artists, industry professionals, and students.

This year The Makeup Show will be jammed with events, and there will be more educational opportunities than at previous events. Shelly is most excited about seeing people interact in-person again for the first time. She loves “seeing their reaction to new brands and things that happen on the floor. You can't really see it when you do virtual events.”


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