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Welcome to the Supergreat Games! From August 2nd to August 8th, we will be hosting non-stop challenges testing you in the fields of makeup, nails, hair, look recreation, and skincare. The stakes are high; each challenge will have 3 winners. The bronze medal winner will get 300 coins, silver will get 400 coins, and gold will get 500 coins. Every participant will get 50 coins, just for trying. Only one entry per person, per challenge, will be counted. So give each challenge your best shot, and may the best in beauty win!

I chose to represent Nigeria because Blessing Oborududu is a straight up B E A S T! She could wrestle me down any day and I would gladly accept the beating. 🙃

I’m a first generation Canadian from Ghana 🇬🇭 so I HAD TO give a shout out to my east side neighbors 👏🏿 I really attempted a zig zag to match the Nigerian Olympic uniform but my hands were shaky af! Then I was like HOLD UP, keep it simple, and let the community outshine me because I feel like a proud mama to my girlies at SG.

Even though I’m the host of this challenge, I’m going to reattempt another Naija look because it was fun! I’m thinking of adding more white, adding more texture, and adding my hair as the green cherry on top! I want the community to pick flags that people would have a hard time guessing but then understanding when the answer is revealed, you know? Show us what you can do.

Here's my look.

Add your review below! Every participant will get 50 coins just for trying, and may the most creative Supergreaters make the podium! You have until 08/12 to enter.


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