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How To Do a Cloudy Blue Sky Eyelid

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Liza Koshy recently posted a photo of herself with a cloudy eyelid look under what looked like a bright blue sky. The next slide revealed that Koshy was actually inside in front of a TV screen. Her caption read; "staying inside & ONLY touching my face with my clean @cestmoibeauty ⛅️ stay distant, my friends."

She brought the outside, inside, and now that billions of people around the world are living every moment of the day inside their apartments and homes in an effort to save others, nothing is cuter than a makeup look that gives people another reason to stay the f home. I tried it myself:



File this look under "things I should have tried a long time ago," and "things that look hard to do, but aren't." There's probably as many ways to do this look as there are people who have tried it—and everyone brings their own flare to it. You can do this look with powder, crayon, cream, or liquid cosmetics, you just have to experiment with what you have. And may I mention that the TV screen background is genius. You could do this for any kind of look or theme you want.

Here's how I did the cloudy blue sky eyelid look in 3 quick steps.

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Step 1: A blue base

I first used the NYX HD Eyeshadow Base, and on top I used the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights, using the sky blue shade. I've recommended this palette many times before because it's great for people who just want one palette that has every color of the rainbow (and then some) to experiment with. It's $18, and although the payoff of some colors are better than others, it's a great versatile product.

Step 2: Fluffy clouds

This is where I decided to bring in my new favorite thing EVER. This kit of face paint split cakes has every color you could ever need, and I've been using it almost daily since I impulsively bought it for $34 on Amazon. I could have done the whole look with this face paint (it doesn't pile or crack and stays on great) but I wanted the sky to be a little softer, and powder was the right texture for that.

I activated the paint by spraying a white paint cake with face mist and dipping a thin brush into it, stirring it around under I had the consistency I wanted. That's when you go ahead and draw the fluffiest clouds you can.

Step 3: A sunny complexion

To finish off the look I gave myself a little glow with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer, Queendom Super Powder Blush and Queendom High Light Her, my new fave cream highlighter.

Supergreat beauty writer @abigailrena also found a way to bring the outside, inside. "I've been taking a lot of walks around the neighborhood with mom just to get out of the house, and I noticed a bunch of weeds with pretty little blooms growing in the drainage ditches along the road," she says. "I picked a bunch of them to glue to my face as an homage to spring."

Big thanks to @helloyna (the one who makes your stickers, amongst so many other things) for suggesting this challenge. Her cloudy sunset GRWM is below!

Born This Way Foundation
Lid Lock Up Eyeshadow Primer Up Base
Colourpop Pressed Powder Eye Shadow (Pigment - Centerfold)

ENTER THE LIZA KOSHY CHALLENGE: We want you to bring the outside, inside! Draw a big blue sky, a sunset, a tree, a flower, or anything else from the outdoors on your face and use a computer screen or television screen for your background! There are no limits to where you can take this (without leaving home or course, but if you do, do so responsibly) and we can't wait to see what you come up with. Everyone who participates will get 15 coins, and one randomly selected winner will get 200 coins.

1. Add a review of your finished look below and tell us how you did it.
2. Every review added below counts for one entry. So make as many as you want—all of them count!
3. All photos and videos posted on Instagram will count as 5 additional entries, make sure you include the hashtag #LizaKoshySGChallenge and tag both @supergreatapp and @lizakoshy. Be sure to include your Supergreat username in the caption.
4. Must be in the U.S. or Canada to participate. All entries must be in by 4/11. Good luck!


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