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Brand Review

Welcome to WLDKAT Week!

by @abigailrena
Feb 19, 2021


This brand needs no introduction. Many of you are very familiar with WLDKAT. Some of you have even become brand ambassadors (We’re so proud 🥲)! But for those of you who may be new to Supergreat, let us introduce you to a brand you’ll see time and time again as you explore the app.

WLDKAT is a modern womxn-owned skincare brand focused on creating clean, vegan, cruelty free, and sustainable products that not only work, but also feel fun and fresh. “I think we live in a time where we all understand that high quality skin care doesn’t have to come in a plain white box,” says WLDKAT’s founder, Amy Zunzunegui in a note on the brand’s website. WLDKAT’s packabing is far from boring. Each product is packaged in dreamy pastel bottles and energizing bright tubes that stand out on our skincare shelves and signal to us that there are exciting formulas inside containing ingredients like CBD and hyaluronic acid.

Are you ready to add some excitement to your skincare routine? Keep scrolling to learn more about the WLDKAT products you can redeem this week and watch reviews from

MONDAY: Saffron + Oat Milk Glow Serum

Meet WLDKAT’s newest launch: the Saffron + Oat Milk Glow Serum. This brightening and hydrating serum is loaded with 1000 MG of broad spectrum CBD, making this WLDKAT’s most plant powered serum to date! It also contains oat milk and hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture, and saffron extract to brighten. Smooth this serum onto your face for a lit-from-within glow—no highlighter needed!

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TUESDAY: Ginger + Kombucha Bubbling Skin Tonic & Superbundle

Fade dark spots and increase hydration with this skin tonic from WLDKAT. Inspired by Korean essences, this part toner and part serum concoction gently bubbles when pressed into the skin and quickly dissipates to reveal an instant glow. Formulated with ginger root extract, Kombucha, and 150 MG of broad spectrum CBD, this tonic fades scars, evens skin tone, improves elasticity, fights bacteria, and strengthens the skin’s barrier. What can’t she do?!

Watch more WLDKAT Ginger + Kombucha Bubbling Skin Tonic reviews here.

WEDNESDAY: Mushroom + Moss Gel Cream

This moisturizer is a WLDKAT bestseller and many Supergreaters’ holy grail. It’s suited for all skin types, provides lightweight hydration, evens out redness, and minimizes the appearance of pores. The snow mushroom extract delivers 400x more hydrating properties than sodium hyaluronate and WLDKAT’s trademarked mosscelltec adds another boost of hydration and protection from evironmental stressors. Has there ever been a more perfect moisturizer?

Watch more WLDKAT Mushroom + Moss Gel Cream reviews here.

THURSDAY: Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin A + E Lip Gel & Superbundle

If you loved WLDKAT’s Cupuacu + Mango Butter Lip Balm, get ready for the Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin A + E Lip Gel. It’s a gloss and a lip treatment all in one! It comes in three shades: Alien Rock Candy, a pink shimmer with a grapefruit ginger scent; Columbian Gold, a golden shine with a coconut lime scent; and Forbidden Fruit, a popsicle-stain looking gloss with a passionfruit scent. Everyone on the Supergreat staff is OBSESSED with this product and you will be too!

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FRIDAY: pH Balanced Patchouli + Cherimoya Gel Cleanser

We’re closing out the week with the one WLDKAT product that does not contain CBD. Why? Because it will just wash down your sink. This pH Balanced Patchouli + Cherimoya Gel Cleanser lathers to remove dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping the skin. The patchouli in this cleanser helps fight inflammation and balances the skin’s oil production, while cherimoya, which is a natural vitamin C, brightens and supports your skin’s natural balance. Squeaky clean!

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Tune into the drops section of the app at 7pm EST everyday this week for a chance to redeem these WLDKAT rewards. Plus, be sure to join the Supergreat LIVE events at 7pm EST on Tuesday and Thursday of this week to learn more about WLDKAT and shop the exclusive Superbundle sales!

Have you tried any WLDKAT products? Let us know what you think about this brand by adding your review below!

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