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The Shampoo Showdown

by @vanzillascott
Mar 25, 2020


The hottest word in haircare these days, specifically when it comes to shampoo, is "sulfate-free."

Sulfates are a kind of surfactant, so they're what make products sudsy. They attract oil and water and they help dead skin cells, dirt and grime lift off the scalp and be washed down the drain. The problem with sulfates is that they do their job really well; they strip your scalp and hair of natural oils, and if you wash your hair enough, it can become dry and brittle. This means bad news for people with dry or sensitives scalps, and could potentially cause redness, itchiness, and dryness. The same goes for dry shampoo—it can be a lifesaver, but use too much of it and your hair could get so dry it starts falling out. 😫 Who could forget the Batiste horror story?

Supergreaters are living for celebrity hairstylist turned hair care entrepreneur Kristin Ess' line of products, Color Wow, and Maui Moisture. How do you guys keep your haircare on lock(s)? Add your review below.

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