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Which Youtube Beauty Guru Makes the Best Products?

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James Charles, Liah Yoo, Jeffree Star, Huda Kattan, and Jaclyn Hill all introduced themselves to the beauty world much like you've done here on SG. They started publishing videos of themselves trying on makeup, like this adorable video of a very young (and inexperienced) Nikkie de Jager. Their creativity and charisma carried a select few to the top of the YouTube game, and with this success came lucrative collaborations with beauty brands, brand endorsements, and some even launched their very own beauty brands.

Jeffree star was one of the first to launch a makeup brand off his internet fame and is now reportedly worth about $50 million. James Charles became the first male CoverGirl spokesperson only two years after starting his channel, and collaborated with Morphe on one of their best selling palettes ever. Jaclyn Hill recently launched (and then recalled) a lipstick line. Huda Kattan started as a Wordpress blogger, and went from selling a series of false eyelashes to owning one of the most popular beauty brands on the market.

YouTube beauty gurus have created some of our favorite makeup brands and products—so which are your favorites? Do you own James Charles' iconic Morphe palette? Have you tried Jaclyn Hill's infamous hairy lipsticks? Are you satisfied with Jeffree Star's concealer range? We want to know (and let's face it, we love the tea)! Add your review of your favorite brands and products started by YouTubers and spill it.

Morphe The James Charles Palette
Patrickstarrr Lipstick, Patrick Woo
Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Vault Armed & Gorgeous Eyeshadow Palette


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