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The Best Lush Bath Bombs for Every Mood

by @totaltrashmamma
Jun 14, 2022


Happy International Bath Day! Time to scrub-a-dub-dub. There are so many incredible bath products, but by far the most fun are bath bombs.

Lush's founder was the original inventor of the bath bomb, so it's no surprise that they have an amazing collection. But with so many options you might not know what works best from you (although randomly picking is always a fun option).

We looked at some of their best bath bombs and tried them out. Here are options covering whatever kind of mood you're in for bath time. So grab a glass of rosé and relax. These are some of our holy grails for the tub.


For Someone Looking for the Classics

This is one of their best sellers. It has a sparkly blue color in the end. It is one of their more generic options, but that is what makes it good for everyone. It smells exactly like a Lush store. Intergalactic is tried and true if you are looking to play it safe.

Sex Bomb

For Someone Looking to Spice Up Their Love Life

For this one grab yourself two glasses of champagne and a partner. Sex Bomb is about setting the mood. It's rose petals and scent give it a little bit of romance for couples bath time. But if you want to take a bath alone this can still be very relaxing.

Black Rose

For Someone Who's Feeling Nostalgic For Their Goth Phase

The angsty teen that lives deep in my heart loves this one. It is black and sparkly which makes it feel like you are bathing in a witches cauldron. If your vibe is putting a hex on your ex Black Rose is the one for you.

Groovy Kind of Love

For Someone Who Wants a Little Extra Fun

This is one of the more colorful options if you just want something fun. Groovy Kind of Love is more bubbly and foamy than other bath bombs.

Deep Sleep

For Someone Who Likes to Multitask

This one is as relaxing as it sounds, thanks to its strong use of lavender. Deep Sleep does not fully dissolve, so you need to throw part of it out in the end. But the bag can be used to exfoliate afterward.
Tell us about your favorite bath bomb or bath product.

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