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Things That Make (Good) Scents

by @abigailrena
Jan 07, 2020


Everyone is under a lot of stress right now. Who knew working and learning from home would be so taxing? You’re probably looking for ways to unwind at the end of a long day. You could do yoga. A lot of studios are offering free online classes right now. Or you could play with your favorite deliciously scented beauty products. Aromatherapy has a lot of benefits like stress relief and sleep quality improvement. It may even boost your immune system and help fight bacteria and viruses. Typically, aromatherapy oils are made from natural ingredients like eucalyptus and lavender, but you may not like those scents. I personally, hate the scent of lavender but I love applying my 1989 perfume from Lola by Alyssa Simone. The scent envelops my nose like a warm hug from a relative. If you’re looking for a little comfort right now, try looking in your beauty stockpile. You may find your own aromatherapy product in there.

Some of SG's favorite things that make good scents? Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb, everything by Chanel, Loli Tea Seed Elixir, Weleda Skin Food, Brooklyn Botany Blueberry Scrub, and Mamonde Petal to Foam Cleanser. We want to hear about yours! What products make you want to stick your whole nose in them? Add your review below.

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