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There are people who love blush, and there are people who love contour, and in the overlap area of that Venn diagram, you'll find the people who love bronzer. Also, I should tell you that the Venn Diagram is a full circle. Welcome to the circle.

I'm convinced that everyone loves bronzer once they conquer the hurdle of finding the shade and texture that works for their complexion. Bronzer is a face-changer, it really truly does it all. It can make you look gently sun-kissed, give you cheekbones to the high heavens, looks great when used as an eyeshadow, and even can take the neutral place of a blush. (If you didn't know this, now you do. Go bronze or go home.)

I'm not alone in this belief because there are loads of bronzer reviews on Supergreat that share the same sentiment. Thank you. Here are a few of our favorite bronzer reviews that range from "I spent a week surfing in Costa Rica" (I wish) to "Oh, bet you didn't think I had these cheekbones."

Matte Bronzer
Sun Stalk'r Bronzer
Tropic Equinox


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