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The Best Beauty Gifts For $20 And Under

by @vanzillascott
Nov 23, 2022


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This year, I decided to start shopping early instead of my usual last minute panic. I'm following a life hack that only the savviest shoppers do; shopping for gifts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday (which thankfully gets longer every year).

I've also decided to seriously save money this year (I'm not going over budget no matter how tempted I get), so finding something really special without breaking the bank is my #1 priority.

As always, we've got tons of deals running to help you with gift giving, whether it be for a Secret Santa exchange, a stocking stuffer, or a holiday present for any kind of beauty lover or newcomer. Here are a few of our recommendations that are tried and true by our very own community of experts.


Everyone knows the end of the year is the most exciting time for makeup. With October comes Halloween and then the holidays are right around the corner, ending in what might be the funnest night of the year for your face: new years eve. All the glitter eye shadows you own are considered, the press on nails with the wildest patterns are prioritized, your brightest and boldest highlighter is put to the test.

We've rounded up some makeup options that will come in handy for you or your bestie's NYE, but will also last you through to next year (and hopefully become a new holy grail).


There's something in skincare for absolutely everyone.

Do you have someone on your list who doesn't even know where to start? May we suggest Bubble's Sample Set, so they can try out a much loved toner and cleanser. Know someone who cares deeply about the environment? Experiment's Avant Guard reusable mask uses the power of occlusion and makes disposable face masks obsolete, and Everyday Human's reusable cotton rounds will allow them to tone their faces guilt free. Any party people who are sick of waking up with a puffy face? Look no further than Kitsch's ice roller, or G9 Skin's pack of 120 under eye masks.


It's the most dry and brittle time of the year! For your hair, and your skin too—but let's talk hair. We have oils galore, notably this community favorite from Bread Beauty Supply, also a Frizz Smacker from Triviso that will get rid of visible breakage. We have hair gloss from Hally G and a nourishing treatment mask from Love Hair, that we hope will make you love your hair.

Bath & Body

Bath and body products are some of the best gifts you can give—who amongst us doesn't want to shower for 45 minutes in the winter and lather themselves up in the scrubbiest, oiliest, smell-goodiest things money can buy?

Cocokind has a truly amazing scrubbing clay that our entire staff adores, which you can follow up with their gorgeous sake body lotion. Kosas chemistry deodorant is perhaps the prettiest and coolest deodorant on the market (who could be insulted unwrapping that?), and OffCourt's body sprays all smell absolutely heavenly and would be perfect for all the sporties out there.


Last and certainly not least (because we have you all covered from your heads to the tips of your fingers and toes), your nails.

And if you haven't already heard the news from us, press-on nails are better than ever before. Supergreat favorites like Mani Muse, Chillhouse and Jelcie have some of the prettiest colors and designs for both press-on nails and jellies, and we've got cuticle oils to keep your at-home manicure looking fresh from NCLA Beauty and Candy X Paints.

As always, we want to know if you have any recommendations for gifts under $20—add your review below if you have just the thing!

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