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The Beauty Breakdown - Beat the Heat

by @totaltrashmamma
Jul 18, 2022


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Welcome to Beat the Heat Week

Summer is in full swing which means beach trips, margs by the pool, and so much sweat. It can be hard to stay looking hot in all this heat. So this week we at Supergreat are bringing you some great ways to Beat the Heat.

We are bringing you the best deodorants, SPFs, and tips for keeping your makeup despite the sweat. So grab your favorite summer products and let us know how you are feeling.

This week we will have live shows, drops, and a challenge to help you find the best ways to stay cool.

Monday July 18th

LIVE EVENT: Indie Lee is bringing clean skincare to you. Their show tonight will have a live sale so you can get your favorite cleansers, moisturizers and more. The show begins @ 6PM EST with your host @NikeViki. Watch Here

Tuesday July 19th

LIVE EVENT: onekind is having a sale on their new cleansing cream and more. Join in to find the best of skincare. Or you can pop over to their website before the show to take a skin quiz so you know exactly what to buy. The show starts @ 6PM EST with host @FlauntFace. Watch Here

LIVE EVENT: St. Moriz is coming at you with the best of deals. They are offering free shipping + a gift with purchase on orders of $25 or more. Make sure you tune in @ 7PM EST with host @jylocklear. Watch Here

Wednesday July 20th

CHALLENGE: Get your sweaty makeup ready. Give us a banging dewy look and share your favorite tips for staying cute as your sweat.

LIVE EVENT: Did someone say rewards drop? Candie's is coming at you with three products you can get if you tune in. Citrus Sorbet Fragrance, Berry Musk Fragrance, and Legacy Her will all have 100 units available. The show starts @ 6PM EST with host @kariseward. Watch Here

Thursday July 21st

LIVE EVENT: OffCourt is doing a live sale. They are featuring their performance body spray, deep cleaning body wash, and light-weight facial hydrator. Check it out @ 7PM EST with host @kjaduh. Watch Here

LIVE EVENT: URIAGE is bringing you even more skincare essentials with their live sale. Check out their Thermal Water Spray and get free shipping. The live begins @ 7PM EST with host @littlebuzz. Watch Here

In Other Beauty News

  • Halsey officially announced af94 her new beauty brand. On July 25th their products will be launching exclusively in select Walmart stores across the country. While af94 will feature similar bold color pallets are about-face, this new brand will be far cheaper (and more accessible) with everything costing $10 and under. The new brand is starting with 12 items in a variety of colors.
  • The Body Shop just released new lip and cheek tints. They come in four colors that fit a variety of skin tones. These vegan tints promise 12 hours of hydration for your lips and skin and use Community Fair Trade aloe vera from Mexico.
  • ZO Skin Health released Illuminating AOX Serum. This new serum is UV resistant and promises to protect against pollution and signs of aging.
  • You can now pre-order Alleyoops latest product. On July 20th they are releasing Dream Team, a 3-in-1 moisturizer, eye cream, and mask.
That's all for this week. Let us know if you have any favorite products that we talked about. If not, I'll see you next week.