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The Beauty Breakdown - April 29, 2022

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lush store with bath bomb and rainbow pool
halsey about-face price drop ad

Image Courtesy of about-face

about-face Just Got More Affordable

Yesterday about-face announced they would be dropping the prices on all their products. There original intention for the brand was the create makeup that people can use to express themselves. They decided that making their products more accessible to everyone will help accomplish that goal.

The price decrease is roughly 30%, give or take depending on the product. Or in the case of their Light Lock Highlight Fluid, the price dropped by almost half going from $32 to $18. Most products now cost somewhere in the teens.

"Being able to sit in front of a mirror, tune out the world and play with makeup has served as a creative outlet more times in my life than I can count."

pink bath bomb with rose in the middle

Image Courtesy of Lush

Happy Birthday Lush

Though I'm scared of Lush's customer service because they are way too peppy, I will cut someone over a Lush bath bomb. 33 years ago Mo Constantine invented the bath bomb and soon after she and her husband started Lush.

To celebrate Lush gave away free bath bombs on Wednesday. Stores created a list of nine bath bombs that (shockingly) were gone before the end of the day (I got the last one in the store and I was thriving). And if bath bombs weren't enough, they also gave away free cake.

If you missed out of Wednesday there is still time. Tomorrow (April 30th) Lush is hosting bath bomb making. Go into a store between 11 AM - 3 PM. But be forewarned, it's first come first serve.


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