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5 Supergreat Staff Try T3's SinglePass Curling Iron

by @kole
Sep 29, 2022


T3 has been a beloved brand of the Supergreat community for a while now, all due to their in depth live shows jammed packed with hair care tips that you could only get from beauty school. The almost 300 reviews of their product line that we have on the app, made by all of you, speak for themselves—but if you want to see it for yourself, watch them here.

Amongst their products, the most reviewed item is the Singlepass Curling iron, a patented ceramic barreled iron with a smart microchip that digitally controls 5 heat settings to keep temperature fluctuations in check (who else vividly remembers the smell of burning hair from their youth). They recently launched their new 1.25in barrel as the one and done curling iron for full bodied curls—aka the ever in demand beach wave.

5 lucky Supergreat staffers—who had never tried the T3 curling iron—got to test it out for the first time. Here are their honest reviews.

Vina's thoughts

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The proof is in the pudding—is anything more satisfying than watching a perfect curl unfold? If you want to watch more reviews from our community members before buying, click here!

Have any of you tried any other T3 tools? Add your reviews below!

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