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It’s Sweet Chef Week Day 4: Your Skin Needs a Shot of Ginger + Vitamin C

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Welcome to Sweet Chef week! Between July 6th and July 10th, we'll be dropping a new Sweet Chef product every single day in the rewards section of the app. We're stocking you up with all the vitamin and veggie-filled products you need from this brand created by the same team behind Glow Recipe. Start making reviews and rack up those coins. It’s going to be a good week.

Ginger doesn’t just soothe upset tummies. A shot of Sweet Chef’s Ginger + Vitamin C Serum brightens dark spots and evens skin tone. Apply it on acne scars and hyperpigmentation and watch them fade. The key ingredients in this serum (retailed at $20 for 1 fl. oz.) are radiance-boosting ginger, brightening ascorbic acid vitamin C, and anti-inflammatory turmeric for a hydrated and radiant complexion.

Apply this serum day or night after cleansing and before moisturizing. Tap it into the skin until it’s fully absorbed. A few of our Supergreaters who redeemed Sweet Chef’s Ginger + Vitamin C Serum before, recommend mixing it into a moisturizer and also pairing it with the Beet + Vitamin A Serum, which refines pores and smooths rough skin.

You can redeem the Sweet Chef Ginger + Vitamin C Serum at 7 PM EST in the drops section of the app.

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