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The Supergreat Birthday Makeup Challenge Vol. 1

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It's the app's 3rd birthday on June 15th鈥攁nd beyond the Supergreat Beauty Awards and every amazing thing we have planned for all of you next week, we also have the ultimate challenge: create your own SG-inspired makeup look!

This is an extra special challenge, so everyone who tries it will get 30 coins and one winner (or maybe more 馃槈) will get 100 coins! All we want to see is your most colorful and unique interpretation of Supergreat鈥攈ere's mine.

As you can see above, Enid and Michelle also tried their hands at an SG makeup look, and now it's your turn! Hopefully this is the start of a birthday tradition.

CHALLENGE: Create a Supergreat-inspired makeup look and we'll send you 30 coins. You can enter as many reviews as you want, but only one will be counted! You have until Supergreat's birthday, June 15th, to enter. All coins are given when the challenge ends. The 100 coin winner(s) will be announced during a very special live event!


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