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Supergreat Beauty Awards 2021: Brand and Community Winners

by @vanzillascott
Jun 21, 2021


Now we can get to the best part of the Supergreat Beauty Awards: the brand and community winners.

These innovative, game changing brands captured our hearts with their focus on creating products that are in a lane of their own. These community members spent countless hours on the app making honest reviews that made us laugh, think outside the box, and think critically about the things we buy.

Here are the winners.

Brand winners:

Best Indie Brand:

Winner: Innbeauty Project

Runner ups:

  • PYT Beauty
  • Bomba Curls
  • Bread

Most Innovative Brand:

Winner: Youthforia

Runner ups:

  • Experiment
  • Plus
  • Susteau

Our Community winners:

Best Texture Shots:

Winner: Edenvonweiss

Most Honest Reviewer:

Winner: Ariannnaaa

Most Helpful Reviewer:

Winner: Sadebaezatv

Most Likely to Hype You up:

Winner: Pressedflowersss

Most Versatile Reviewer:

Winner: Beautybymonamarie

Most Supergreat Spirit:

Winner: Duke

Funniest Reviewer:

Winner: Asoulofsongs

Most Likely to go All Out:

Winner: Debbs

Most Educational Reviewer:

Winner: Joannamcmurray

Most Lives Attended:

Winner: Tanmaya

Most Challenge Entries:

Winner: K_beautyful

Most Thoughtful Live Commenter:

Winner: Nikeviki