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Sonya Belakhlef's Early 2000's Nails & Makeup Tutorial + Challenge!

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Instagram: @sonyameesh

About Sonya: This Supergreater is a Multi-Disciplinary Art Director and self-described "vapor of creativity" who does a lot of freelance nail art. 🌬⚗️ Sonya's portfolio includes nail art for publications including 032C and Office Magazine, campaigns for brands including Brandon Maxwell and Susan Alexandra, and more.

On their career background: "Taking it WAY back, I fell in love with nail art after seeing the year 2000 Sept/Oct issue of American Girl Magazine at my library. I was 9 and they had mind-blowing looks (to me at the time) that really opened my eyes to the little canvases we have on our hands. It wasn't until I went on a trip to Tokyo 10 years later when I saw extremely ornate 3D designs in Harajuku and knew it was a possible career for me! In college, I always incorporated hands and nails in my art practice and from there posted my work on Instagram. I took a lot of editorialized photos of my nail art and sent them to the brands I used and built relationships that way!"

On their career highlights: "Wow, hard to pick! I'll never forget my first NYFW show—it was February 2014 sponsored by Mischo Beauty for Juan Carlos Obando. NYFW always pushes boundaries and while it's exhausting it's always amazing to reunite with a lot of my favorite nail artists in one place and work together."

On Cirque Colors: "I love the Cirque Colors formula! Memento Mori is a staple in my kit, It's the most opaque black and IDEAL for nail art."

Sonya created this early 2000's inspired makeup and nail look using Cirque Colors new Afterglow Collection, which some of you had the chance to redeem last week. You can use any brand of makeup or nail products to achieve this Paris Hilton-esque look.

CHALLENGE: Try this look yourself using any brand (it doesn't need to be Cirque Colors) and put whatever early 2000's twist you want on it! You have until 02/19 to add your review below showing us your look. Every participant will get 20 coins and Sonya will choose one person who will get 100 coins! Only one entry per person will be counted. GOOD LUCK!


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