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Somme Institute Is the Only Skincare I Use Now

by @vanzillascott
Nov 17, 2020


A little over a month ago, I was convinced by Edward Fallas, the GM at Somme Institute, to stop my skincare routine. In it's place, I was going to start using the full Somme Institute skincare line, from the cleanser, to the transport pads, and from the serum to the moisturizers (both day and night options) and even the face mask. I wanted to try out the brand for real, without any distractions or outliers.

At the time I had been using retinoids two to three times a week for about three months, as well as Biologique Recherche's famed Lotion P50 daily. I rotated between several cleansers I loved from our reward drops from brands including Holifrog, Cocokind and Sweet Chef, and topped it all off with my favorite serum ever, Blunt Skincare's Isolate. For the record, I still love all of these products—but I've officially converted to the cult of Somme Institute after seeing the immediate effects it's had on my skin, and the results of their decades long study.

The best part about it is that you don't actually need the entire line to see results—having only one or two products will work just fine (which is a relief because I love trying new stuff and I will not stop!). Fallas admits this isn't the best news for their business model, but that Somme Institute's creator Simon Erani's goal wasn't to sell subpar products that only work temporarily, but to create products that would stall the effects of aging in the skin "at the root, not temporarily." That's where their star ingredient, MDT5™, comes in.

Erani and his team have done what no other skincare company has done, ever. They've been studying and developing their patented MDT5™ molecular technology since 1996, before some of you were born, and tracking the molecules' results using Ultra Violet photography. "We tracked 5000 women and men for a decade," says Fallas, "using a UV medical grade imaging system, and looking at the results in black and white. It's subjective, there's no bias." If you want to see the results of these studies, it's all available on their website.

I've spent the last few years as editor of this app trying skincare brand after skincare brand, and flashy ingredients, product names and bottles have come and go—so at this point there's something I really respect about a brand that doesn't try and distract from what's on the inside. Each bottle is white, with simple directions on the back, and differentiated by a single dot in different colors. That's it. It may not be the cutest thing on your shelf, but it just might be the most effective.

Here's a rundown of the Somme Institute skincare routine and the order in which they should be applied:

Step 1: Nourishing Cleanser

This cleanser is non-foaming and non-comedogenic and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized—I'm a very strong supporter of non-stripping cleaners. This cleanser contains the ~special~ ingredient, MDT5™ and works for all skin types. Just work it into your skin in circular motions and rinse with warm water.

This was our first Somme Institute reward a few weeks back—add your review below if you've tried it!

Step 2: Transport Pads

This product is meant to be used every other day if you're like me and you have sensitive skin. Transport pads contain MDT5™ and 8% AHA to exfoliate the skin's surface and reveal glowy, healthy skin underneath. After I swipe this on my face, there's actually a noticeable difference. Be warned that a slight tingling sensation is normal at first, and you can squeeze excess liquid from the pad before using if you want a gentler effect. Some dryness and purging of the skin is totally normal and actually expected from this product—it happened to me for the first few weeks and eventually subsided.

This product has also been a Supergreat reward—so I can't wait for you guys to try it.

Step 3: Serum

This serum contains MDT5™ and 15% Vitamin C derived from citrus pulp, which boosts collagen production and has a proven brightening power to reverse sun damage and discoloration. Apply 2-4 pumps on your skin morning and night. I noticed that this serum gives me a glow (although so do the transport pads, and I apply this right after) and my skin tone has been noticeably more even since I started this whole regime.

Step 4: A-Bomb Moisturizer

This moisturizer is ideal for the morning, it's less thick than it's nighttime counterpart. It absorbs really quickly, and is designed to soften the skin's texture, repairs sun damage and speeds cell renewal (thanks to MDT5™) and of course, hydrates. This moisturizer also contains Vitamins A & E.

Step 5: Skin Reset Restructuring Cream

This moisturizer is the latest product from the Somme Institute line, and was made to fight the first signs of aging for people in their late 20's onward. No surprise here, it also contains MDT5™, and it firms, thickens and tightens the skin and restores hydration.

The "Extras":

Step 6: Eye Cream

This eye cream also contains MDT5™ and is very hydrating to the thin skin around the eyes. ike most other eye creams, it works to fade dark circles, reduce puffiness, and firm wrinkles.

Boost Warming Mask

The warming mask in particular, is my favorite product in the entire line. If I were to choose one product to continue using forever, this one would be it. You can use this mask day or night, about 1-2 times per week. Fallas suggested I use this mask if I have an event or I'm going out and my skin looks sullen or tired. It truly makes you look like you just woke up on a good skin day.

This mask also contains MDT5™ as well as pumpkin extract, which gently exfoliates. It warms while you rub it in and contains Kaolin, a natural clay that aptly absorb excess oil and dirt without drying out the skin. Apply it to dry skin and gently massage it in as it warms up. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and wipe it off with a moistened cloth. Because it increases blood circulation in your skin, it gives you a flushed and awake look right away.

Double Defense with SPF 30+

This is the only product that I don't own, and it's the only one in the line that doesn't contain MDT5™. Alyssa Coscarelli swears by this sunscreen, and we trust anything she says.

According to Somme Institute's website, "UV radiation in sunlight accelerates aging of the skin by producing substances called free radicals. Free radicals cause damage in the skin at the cellular level. The typical external signs of UV induced sun damage are wrinkling, thinning, sagging and uneven skin tone. It is imperative to use Double Defense daily to protect the dramatic results obtained with MDT5™."

This SPF is moisturizing and non-comedogenic (music to our ears!) and should be applied every 2-3 hours every day.

Do you own any Somme Institute? I need to hear that I'm not alone in this obsession—what are your thoughts? Add your reviews below!

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