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What Skincare Product Would You Give to Your Younger Self? Challenge

by @totaltrashmamma
Aug 16, 2022


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My skincare routine was horrifying when I was in high school. I lived and died by the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Scrub with those little plastic pearls that are terrible for your skin and the environment. I had no idea what serum, toner, or facial spray were. It was a real mess.

I'm sure a lot of us all had similar experiences. Everyone had acne but almost no one had a dermatologist.

But then we all grew up, we watched YoutTube makeup tutorials and did our research. Plus there is the added bonus of no longer having that teen acne (although maskne is a whole other issue).

We are here to learn about the best skincare items that we have now, that we wish we had then.

@bohemianladki's Serum Rec

"Growing up hyperpigmentation has been my biggest concern and I really wish I could go back in time and give my teenage self the Otzi C-Drip Brightening Serum that has been such a game changer for me!"

@luvjorde's 5 Part Regimen

"When I was in high school skin care honestly wasn’t important to me. I would wash my face with whatever my sisters had in the showe. I would use whatever body lotion laying around as a moisturizer. And that was basically it. No extra steps nothing. Man oh man how times have changed! I couldn’t imagine not throwing on a good moisturizer, serum, brightening I serum, or even my lash enhancing serum. I’m genuinely thankful skin care became more important to me!"

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Share Your Secrets

Tell us what skincare product(s) you wish you'd had as a kid. It can be face wash, masks, serums anything. We want to learn your skincare secrets. Maybe then young people today will have it just a little bit easier.

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