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The Fragrances That Make Me the Best-Smelling Person in the Room

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I've loved perfume since I was a kid. In fact, I spilled a bottle of my mom's Giorgio Beverly Hills on her dresser while sneaking sniffs and got in BIG TROUBLE, plus a reputation for being a bit of a scent fiend.

How much of a fiend? Well, I have a perfume podcast called Smell Ya Later, that's how much.

Perfume or fragrance is such an impactful way to communicate who you are or what you're about silently and experientially. Also, it's just really nice to smell a perfume you love on yourself all day (or the next day on your clothes from yesterday). And it helps people remember you — people remember people who smell good!

As a beauty editor, I've been lucky to try tons of fragrances from brands I never would've heard of and/or definitely never would've been able to afford were they not constantly showing up at the office in PR mailers. So my nose has had a go at what the world of modern fragrance has to offer and it's cultivated an unfortunately expensive but also unique taste in scents (for me, anyway).

Here are a few of my favorites that always garner compliments whenever I waft nearby other people.

What are you favorite scents to wear?


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