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Did you hear the news? 2021 has been declared the Year of the Mullet. It came right on time—I got a mullet in early December after stalking Miley Cyrus' Instagram and deciding I could wait no longer. Rihanna recently got a mullet too, so if you're on the fence about getting one, just go for it. I can't recommend the style more.

Other Rih-related news that happened around the same time was the release of Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Cream Color Drip Lip Cream, a mouthful of a name for the brand's latest product that is basically Gloss Bomb's older, more sophisticated sister. It's a buildable, shiny, lightweight tinted gloss that comes in the most delicious colors. The shades also sound as good as they smell, like Honey Waffles, Cookie Jar, and Fruit Snackz.

We know you guys are all obsessed with anything Fenty Beauty (and so are we) so we got our hands on every shade of Lip Cream, and we're going to be giving them away to our favorite Rihanna Makeup Challenge entries! Plus, we've got an extra surprise for the winner...Read the rules below, and good luck.

CHALLENGE: Recreate your favorite Rihanna makeup look from any era! Priscilla Ono, the Global Make-up Artist for Fenty Beauty, is a great source of inspiration. Add your review of your look below and the first place winner

Here's my look, inspired by a electric blue look Priscilla Ono did on Rihanna last year:

Instagram @priscillaono

Add yours below!


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