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I Tested 3 TikTok Beauty Hacks — Vol. 2

by @abigailrena
May 18, 2020


👐 Put a finger down if you downloaded TikTok a month ago and since then you haven’t had a proper night of sleep because you stay up past midnight scrolling through the endless feed until some random guy pops up telling you to take a break and get a drink of water and sometimes you listen to him and sometimes you scroll up and send him into oblivion because you’re addicted to an app that was designed to entertain teens but quarantine did this to you and now you are writing volume 2 of your article, TikTok Beauty Hacks, where you will once again, sacrifice your body for science. 👐 (Pretend there are only 9 fingers).

Foundation Hair Dye

I’ve wanted to dye my hair for a long time now, but everyone I talk to tells me not to do it because once I start, I’ll never stop. Since I have a fear of commitment when it comes to changing my body (except for a tattoo I got on a whim with my sister when I turned 18), this hack intrigued me because it’s not permanent. It’s not even semi-permanent. It’s the opposite. It’s instant-impermanent. I don’t know who posted this hack first, but it’s very simple. The first step is to coat your hair in a light foundation or concealer. The second step is to coat your foundation-covered strands in a bright powdered pigment, like a blush or an eyeshadow. I also saw some people use lipstick to dye their hair. I’m interested to see if my hair will still look and feel like hair at the end or will it clump together like a bad mascara on eyelashes.

Verdict: This hack completely sucked the moisture out of my hair, but it’s nothing a good conditioner and moisturizing hair mask can’t fix. It was definitely worth trying one time just to get a good Instagram photo and experiment with my look. Now I know what I will look like in five to ten years when I get my mother’s gray streak, and honestly, I’m not mad about it. It is an extremely messy process, though, so make sure you’re wearing clothes you don’t care about and work over a surface that can be easily cleaned. It also uses a TON of product so don’t use your expensive foundation, concealer, or powdered pigment.

Self-Tanner Contour

This hack terrifies me. There is about a 90 percent chance that it will go terribly wrong. I watched about an hour’s worth of TikToks in preparation for it and a lot of them did not end well. I learned a few things though: (1) I need to make triple sure that I buy the correct shade of self-tanner for my skin tone, (2) I should use a brush to apply the self-tanner for a blended finish, and (3) if it all goes wrong, I can just tan my entire face to even it out until it fades away. I’ve never contoured before so I’m following Brittany Bear’s tutorial. She uses an instant tanner but since we are in the middle of a pandemic and most beauty stores are closed, I had to settle for what my local CVS had to offer, which was basically just Jergens’ Natural Glow. It’s a good self-tanner. I’ve used it before. It’s just meant to be gradual so it might take a couple of days to develop a dark enough contour.

Verdict: There’s definitely a learning curve to this hack. After the first time I applied the self-tanner, there was a stark line between my cheekbone and chin but as I continued to build up the tan over the next couple of days I learned to blend the lotion more carefully, which was difficult since it disappears into the skin like any other lotion. The end result, though, was a nice natural contour. After trying this hack for a week, I logged into our editorial Zoom meeting and was immediately complimented on my skin. I had a “sun-kissed glow,” according to Savannah. After making my final review, I stopped contouring (because I’m lazy) and self-tanner faded just as quickly as it appeared so if you’re going to do this with a gradual tanner like Jergen’s be prepared to make this part of your daily routine. Honestly, I might implement this once quarantine is over and I have a reason to make my face look snatched again.

Plumper Lips

There are a lot of lip plumping hacks on TikTok, most of which involve mildly hurting yourself until your lips swell. Contrary to popular belief, beauty is not pain. If a beauty treatment or product is hurting you, that isn’t a sign that it is working, that is a sign that your body wants you to stop. For this reason, I scroll past anything that involves altering my features physically through suction or smashing. It’s not worth it and the results are usually temporary. Instead, I looked for ways to make my lips look plumper using makeup.

First, our community manager, Eliza, sent me this review by sarahgabi who concealed the corners of her lips after TikTok said it was a hack to make her lips look bigger. She wasn’t a fan of the result so I decided to try it and I can confirm this hack is not it. My lips looked smaller and I looked like an old lady. After sending my failed attempt photo to our group chat on Slack, our designer, Czarina, sent me this TikTok by Jessica Vu where she overlined her cupid’s bow and lower lip, concealed it, and emphasized the corners of her mouth with brown eyeliner. This one seemed promising so I decided to try it.

Verdict: This. 👏 Hack. 👏 Works. 👏 I’m never going back to just smearing lipstick on. From now on, every lipstick I buy must come with a matching lip liner or I don’t want it! And who knew my brow products would double as a lip product? I certainly didn’t. It only takes a few more seconds to add these minor details that make my lips appear fuller and for that reason, this is a game-changing hack.

If you try out any of these hacks, leave a review below telling me what you think and if there are any TikTok beauty hacks you want me to try next, leave a comment on one of my reviews. I'm willing to try almost anything for you.

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