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Rating This Years Met Gala Looks

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cara delevingne met gala 2022 gold paint

Last night's Met Gala was underwhelming, though not nearly as bad as last year. The Gilded Age themed event saw very little of the Gilded Age. Sebastian Stan looked like if someone made the 90s bubble gum pink, Lucy Boynton looked like the ghost of a small child, and Kodi Smitt-McPhee just dressed like the serial killer I have nightmares about.

Even for those on theme, most of them refused to go hard enough. Olivia Rodrigo wore a similar silhouettes to her Oscars appearance, and of course most of the men were just in black suits. But there were some rare successful looks in the bunch. Here's our top rating of the looks we loved and hated.

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian Met Gala 2022

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Kourtney Kardashian - 0/10

What's going on here? It's business crop top on top and two different skirts haphazardly sewn together on the bottom. She looks like a four year old playing dress up in her mom's closet.

The hair and makeup is not serving. This is the most generic run of the mill look that I would expect her to wear to the grocery store (if she didn't have an assistant to go to the grocery store for her).

Maude Apatow Met Gala 2022

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Maude Apatow - 6.5/10

Maude Apatow is one of the only people who actually dressed to theme. This look is giving me windower who just murdered her husband for his fortune. The dress, hair, and makeup come together and she looks stunning.

However, this is too boring for the Met Gala. If this was the Oscars it would be 10/10, but I need her to step it up.

maisie williams met gala 2022

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Maisie Williams - 7/10

She looks like a ghost coming to murder me in my sleep. The dark eyes and hair make her look extra pasty, and somehow her eyebrows also went missing. That being said, she is at least giving us a look.

Sarah Jessica Parker met gala 2022

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Sarah Jessica Parker - -5/10

Girl who hurt you? This look is giving sad clown prom. The Met Gala is supposed to be over the top, but her hat makes me want to vomit, it looks like she bought it at Party City.

Her hair and makeup are basic, they are doing nothing for her. She looks like a drag queen's interpretation of Carrie Bradshaw at a carnival but in the worst possible way.

janelle monae met gala 2022

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Janelle Monae - 9/10

She said "I am the empire state building." Her makeup is simple but it works with the striped hood. While this look could use some overall extra oomf, she is out doing her peers.

erykah badu met gala 2022

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Erykah Badu - 9.5/10

It's camp, it's over the top, she knew what she was dressing for. Notably she looks a bit like the cat and the hat was torn apart and sewn back together, but it's working. The yellow on her nose compliments the hints of color in the outfit.

kylie jenner met gala 2022

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Kylie Jenner - -85/10

I don't know how many ways I can say "No" to make it clear how aweful this look is. Why is she going to a baseball themed wedding? Why does her collar say "off"? The Met Gala is not the time to flaunt brand loyalty. Her top half and bottom half look like they were designed by two different people who were given completely different instructions.

cara delevingne met gala 2022

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Cara Delevingne - 10/10

Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? She's a dapper gentleman painted in gold. The body paint with the nipple covers are camp as hell. Her gold studded eyes bring the whole look together. Absolutely flawless.

jodie utner-smoth met gala 2022

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Jodie Turner-Smith - 8/10

Unfortunately, this is not on theme; it's giving flapper, which is not part of the guilded age. However, she's killing it. The eyebrow gems that match her dress are chef's kiss. This flared skirt in the back is bringing it over the top. If the theme were roaring 20s she would have nailed it.

sophie turner and joe jonas met gala 2022

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Sophie Turner - 5/10

She looks dead. Is Sophie Turner okay? If this was a costume for a movie about a hot 80 year old which witch who lives in the woods I would say it's amazing, but it's not. There's nothing wrong with looking older, but Sophie's makeup is giving victorian ghost. Although her hair does look amazing.

quannah chasinghorse met gala 2022

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Quannah Chasinghorse - 8/10

It's simple but it's working. Her eyeshadow matches her dress and her purse compliments her neckline, which is more coordination than other attendees this year.

This look combines traditional Native American elements (Quannah is part of the Hän Gwich'in and Oglala Lakota tribes) with contemporary fashion. We are loving the bead-work and feathers, and most importantly the representation. She definitely could have gone bigger, but for an up and coming model it's fine.

nomi campbell met gala 2022

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Naomi Campbell - 7/10

The dress is bad. It doesn't fit well; it's trying to both have shape and be shapeless at the same time. It's giving me rich grandma. But Naomi Campbell's makeup - good soup.

We love trying something new. This bedazzled look is amazing, it's like she has a chandelier on her face.


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