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Pleasing's Pop Up is a Psychedelic Fever Dream

Pleasing pop up sign in London
"I just didn't want to come the first day because it was so busy,” says Macy Knoblauch, an odd sentiment given she arrived three hours before opening to wait in line. Harry Styles’ new pop-up, Shroom Bloom, drew a crowd of mostly teenage girls lined around the block. The New York pop-up, which was one of three (the other two being in Los Angeles and London), was made to celebrate the launch of his new beauty line set.
Pleasings new makeup collection set against floral background

Image courtesy of Pleasing

The Origins of Pleasing

Styles launched his beauty line, Pleasing, last fall with a collection of nail polish, skin care essentials, and apparel. But the nail polish is what has drawn the most attention. Styles attributes wearing nail polish for starting his dive into the beauty industry.

Shroom Bloom, also the name of his new line, expands on existing products. The line includes four new nail polishes which you can buy as a collection for $65. It includes a sheer bioglitter polish, one of Pleasing many attempts to become an eco-friendly source of beauty. “This retails for $30 which I thought was a lot, but it’s super high quality,” says @ariannaa refering to the Pleasing Pen, a lip and eye gel duo.

"He makes sure everybody can feel free to be whoever it is you want to be."

Why We Love Harry Styles

But let’s be honest, people aren’t lining up around the block for some nail polish and facial serum. “Harry Styles is very welcoming to everyone. He makes you feel comfortable. And he makes sure everybody can feel free to be whoever it is you want to be,” says Paulina Chavez. Another pop-up goer said she wished Styles was inside greeting everyone (he was not).

pleasing sign in Shroom Bloom pop-up for Harry Styles brand launch

Image courtesy of Pleasing

The Pop-Up was Made for a Good Time Not a Long Time

Though our favorite One Direction member was not in attendance, the 70s were. Each of the three location features a different patterned wall paper and color scheme. They also sported psychedelic artwork that features butterfly-frogs and cloud fish. The same designs are featured on Pleasing’s apparel. It made me start to question if I was actually sober or not.

The three pop-ups started on March 15th and will be open through the 20th. Though hours will be extended to all day this weekend (they were only open in the afternoon during week days), the lines are sure to increase as well. After all if a slew of teenage girls are willing to cut school to stand in line, just image what they will do when they have actual free time. That's just the power of Harry Styles.


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