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Our Public Mask-urbation Challenge Was Criminal

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Cher is the queen of a lot of things, one of them being skincare. Not only does she glow from within, but she single-handedly made public mask-urbation socially acceptable. Did you know that she also helped celebrity dermatologist Dr. Barbara Sturm in the creation of her hydrating Face Mask?
Cher walks around outside wearing a white shirt, cowboy hat, and mud mask.

Cher publicly maskurbating

The story goes that Cher mixed her own aloe vera mask in her kitchen, but it couldn't be sold as is because it needed to be mixed and applied while still fresh. Dr. Sturm tried the mask at Cher's house (casual) and says her skin immediately became as smooth as a "baby's butt." They worked together in Dr. Sturm's clinic and created the $155 face mask that so many swear by today.

We asked you guys to take your favorite masks to the streets for the chance to win 200 Supercoins, and you took it to another level; you masked at a cat shelter, in your cars, at Whole Foods, Miniso, and CVS, and even your chiropractor's office. Despite the fact that we said we'd pick the winner, we couldn't bring ourselves to choose—so we spun a wheel. Keep scrolling to see the entries.

A woman wears a face mask in the middle of a retail store.

Instagram @silvanaaao

Devin wears a sheet mask while grocery shopping.

Instagram @devinkielle

Katie and her friend both wear sheet masks while pushing each other around a store.

Instagram @_katiekc_

Eliza takes a bite of pizza while wearing a blue face mask.

Instagram @twoheadedcat

A woman wears a sheet mask while waiting in a chiropractors office.

Instagram @jayci_mua

A woman poses outside wearing a silver sheet mask.

Instagram @makeup_with_franki

A woman wears a mud mask, eye mask, and pore strip.

Instagram @kukachoo42

Congratulations to Supergreater @kukachoo42 for winning 200 Supercoins! We would never leave the rest of you hanging—everyone who participated gets 30 Supercoins.

Add your review of your favorite mask below, and make sure you follow us on Instagram so you don't miss any of our upcoming challenges!

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