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Several of Sephora's editor's picks

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Our Community Reviews 6 of Sephora Editor's Picks

by @vanzillascott
Feb 24, 2020


I was recently on Sephora's website when I scrolled past a section called Editor's Picks, and immediately thought; which editors? I looked it up and couldn't find anything or anyone other than Sephora repeatedly mentioning their editors and their favorite things, without specifying who they were. Do they edit the website? Do they edit product selections? Who are these editors?!

As the editor of this app, I've done everything I can to show you guys who I am, what I like, and explain why I like it. It's my job to tell you guys my honest opinion, report the facts, and point you in the right direction. So when I saw this list curated by "editors," with no context other than the ability to buy products, I was skeptical. But thankfully, we have a community of honest reviewers with no skin in the game, who can tell us what they really think.

Here's a screen shot of 6 Editor's Picks from last week, and here are real reviews by real people of these products. You can watch and decide what's worth buying yourself, and if you're not sure, ask them a question by commenting on their review!

OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Eye Cream

This product is considered a cult classic to eye cream lovers and it should come as no surprise that I couldn't find any negative reviews on the app. Look for yourself—you won't find any.

Tatcha's The Silk Canvas Protective Primer

Tatcha is a much loved brand on the app and their Silk Canvas Protective Primer is considered by some as a holy grail. Watch the demos and wear tests below if you want to see it in action.

Ouai Volumizing Hair Spray

We don't have as much Volumizing Hair Spray reviews as I would like to present to all of you, so I've included reviews of Ouai's Texturizing Hair Spray instead.

Gucci Bloom

You guys are fancy, huh? Whether you have the full size bottle or just a little sample, this Gucci fragrance is a hit on the app. One of our staffers (@abebaby) also happens to own a bottle and swears by it.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold REMASTERED Eyeshadow Palette

Not every Huda palette is a hit (take it from us, we've tried them)—but this one is. Consider this palette another version of the iconic Huba Beauty New Nude Palette with a little more reds, golds, and darker shades like brown and black. Kind of like the New Nude Palette in night mode.

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+

I have feelings about this one...good feelings, because it's amazing. This foundation contains SPF (you can't rely solely on foundation for sun protection but it helps) and it provides buildable coverage that never looks cakey. User @queenkay made an awesome review where she used the foundation on half her face to show the product's effects—watch it below.

Sometimes editors aren't the best resources when researching whether or not a product is right for you, so be sure to check the app before making any purchases you aren't sure about! That's what our community is here for.

Your bag is empty,
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