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Norma and Andrea’s Fruit Makeup Challenge

by @totaltrashmamma
Aug 10, 2022


25 Challenge entries

Why spend money on brushes and makeup when you can use fruit instead? Fruit can give you interesting colors and textures that you don't always see in makeup design.

You can use the blue from blueberries to add a pop of color, or the stem of a banana to apply your eyeliner. Whatever fruit you feels like fits you is accepted. This challenge is all about having fun and being creative, so get wild with it.

@iamnorma's Dewy Glow

"It's summer and what better way to celebrate. Me and Andrea decided to do this challenge and experiment with fruit dye. Back in the day in order to wear make up women would take fruit to create a makeup look. From grapes to bananas we got inspired and decided to try it for ourselves.

"My look was inspired by this years summer trend glowy skin and lots of blush."

@beautyenergizer's Soft Glam

"The reason I chose this look was because I was scrolling through my feed and saw a makeup hack video featuring fruit. I thought to myself how cool, I need to try this out ASAP. I love how easy it was to pair fruit with my regular makeup products."

Products to Get you Started (besides the fruit)

Get Fruity

Get that fruit out of your kitchen and get started. You can incorporate fruit in any way you want: you can use it as a brush, you can use it for color, you can make it into a smoothy and paint it on. Get creative and give us your best fruit look.

Everyone who participates in this challenge will earn 20 coins. The winner(s) will receive 100 Supercoins. Please note that unrelated videos, spam, or any entries not following Supergreat's Guidelines will be removed and ineligible for participation Supercoins. You have until 8/23 at 12 PM EST to enter: Coins will be awarded within a week after the challenge is closed.

Congratulations to our winners: Happysampler and Ladeebee!

Your bag is empty,
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