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Stop Everything: We Have Nicole Isaacs' Beauty Routine

Skincare AM:

I wake up, rinse my face with water, and then apply a series of SkinCeuticals products. I use the C E Ferulic first and then I put on the HA intensifier. Then I use their B5 hydrating gel and the SkinCeuticals sunscreen on top of that, which I'll usually mix with a daily moisturizer. My go-to is SkinCeuticals daily moisture, but I also use the rejuvenating serum by Obagi sometimes depending on the day. I always put eye cream on. Right now I'm using the Obagi hydrating eye cream that I pat under my eyes. My eyes are kind of a problem area for me, they're a little hollow and they crave moisture so I lay eye the cream on thick.

Before 30 I didn't even care about skincare at all, I just did the bare minimum. I would make sure I took off my makeup before I went to bed and I would rinse my face with water in the morning and I barely even moisturized. I never even thought about it until I went to this SkinCeuticals event. They had doctors and scientists there explaining the benefits of these products and everyone raves about this brand, so I was like, "I'm going to give it a try." It's been two years since I started using SkinCeuticals and I've been using them every single day since. They were my intro into skincare so I've been riding with them since the beginning.

Nicole Isaacs poses for a selfie in a tropical setting with a pink flower crown on her head while wearing a white off-the-shoulder top.

Instagram @nicoleisaacs


I keep my makeup super natural, I don't like to wear a lot of it. I'm very into skincare because I feel like when my skin is good and glowing I don't need much makeup, I just need a nice tan. I want to look sun kissed and glowy so I always put a little bit of bronzer on my face but I start off with concealer. I have a corrector pen that I use from Charlotte Tillbury. I dab it around my nostrils and eyes. I’ll just pat it lightly over any imperfections. I also have a gold glitter serum. I dab it along my cheekbone as a highlighter to give me a little glow. So that's the second thing I do after my concealer.

After that I use NARS's The Multiple Stick in Palm Beach and I dab it on my cheeks to give me a little bit more glow. After that I’ll apply foundation, if I decide to wear some. I put foundation over The Multiple Stick so I have an underlying glow and the foundation I use is NARS too. I learned this technique when I went to a NARS workshop and one of the lead makeup artists for NARS taught me to do my makeup. You put it on your bare face first and then apply foundation over that and if you want to add a pop after you can put it on after too.

If I'm going to an event or if it's a nighttime thing like going to dinner, I'll usually wear foundation so then I use the NARS foundation in Authentic. After I put a little bit of NARS Orgasm Liquid Blush on the apples of my cheeks to give me a little bit of a rosey pink and then on top of that I’ll add a little bit NARS Prism. I like doing liquid first because when I put powder on top of that it doesn’t get splotchy. As you can tell, I’m a big glow person. I’m very inspired by J-Lo, I love her makeup. I know it sounds like a lot but this whole process takes less than 10 minutes.

Then I go on to my eyes. I have a palette called Wanted from NARS and it has the best eyeshadow palette collection so I use the brown as my eyeliner. I use an eyeliner brush and I apply it around my eyes very light, kind of smoky-like. I don't really like the defined, dark black liner. I do more of a smudgy brown look around my eyes. Then with the same brush I fill in my eyebrows and then always brush my eyebrows up and I do a little white powder underneath my brow line to give me a little highlight under my brow. Then I apply mascara and that's my final step. I really like Voluminous by L'Oreal. Then I add a MAC pretty gold shimmer on my cheeks before I walk out the door to give me one last little sprinkle.

For lips all I use is a NYX liner called Mauve. I love that liner and it’s super cheap too. I've been using that one for years. Usually I'll fill in my whole lips with that but sometimes I'll just use it as a liner. Then I use Blankety lipstick by MAC, or I'll use Yash by MAC. And then I'll put a pretty nude or pink gloss over it. My lips crave moisture so I feel like I need hydration on my lip so I prefer glossy lips over matte lips.

Nichole Isaacs smiles in a white dress as she walks down a pier connecting various tropical huts suspended over water.

Instagram @nicoleisaacs

Body + Fragrance

I actually don’t wear any perfume. I like the natural scent of like my body, so I don’t wear any scented anything, even lotion. I wear a cucumber melon Dove deodorant and that’s it. I sometimes use a natural deodorant if I can. I have so much perfume. I have a whole tray of beautiful designer perfume and I never, ever use it.

Right now I’m using Ray shampoo and conditioner. I also use Wow. They actually have really amazing hair products and I like their shampoo and conditioner too so I go back and forth between Wow and Ray.

Nichole Isaacs poses in a modern space wearing a sage green gown accessorized with a woven basket bag and strap-y nude heels.

Instagram @nicoleisaacs


I used to be a nail biter and I got gel for my first time a few years ago and I remember walking out spending $75 on my nails and I was like what's the fuck? It’s so expensive. It really made me stop biting my nails because (A) I spent a lot of money on it and they look so nice and (B) the gel made it hard for me to bite my nails. So my nails started growing and it's been a few years now. I go once every few weeks to get my nails done. I get a manicure and pedicure with bio gel so it lasts. I travel a lot for long periods of time so I need my nails to last because I'm always doing things with my hands so I need my nails to last.

Nichole Isaacs lounges on a pink couch in a pink room wearing a pink strapless gown.

Instagram @nicoleisaacs

Skincare PM:

I never ever sleep with my makeup on. I'll usually use a Neutrogena makeup remover pad. Then I'll rinse my face with warm water or sometimes I'll use a cleanser from Cetaphil or Dermalogica if I feel like the pad doesn't take off all the makeup. Then I'll rinse it with warm water and lightly pat my face dry. I moisturize after that. I just started a new nighttime routine. I'm using Olay’s new retinol collection for the next month. I’ve never used retinol before. For the past few years though, I’ve used SkinCeutibles, the HA Intensifier, I put that on my face and then I put like a nighttime moisturizer on top of that from Neutrogena or just any nighttime moisturizer. After I use the eye cream.

So I’ve always just been very nervous to try retinol but a lot of people I know use it and they love it. People see results with it and I'm loving it so far. I didn’t experienced any irritation, any redness. And it's supposed to even skin tone and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and dark spots and sun damage.

I don't do facials. I don't do any exfoliating masks. If anything, I'll use hydrating masks.

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