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It's National Dog Day: Show Us Your Dogs Because We Said So

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Happy National Dog Day! Here's me and my dog Benny. He's a 1 year old rescue with an awesome personality and really bad separation anxiety. I'm being fully serious when I say that on top of medication and training, my partner and I are now considering hiring a pet psychic.

When I make reviews in my bathroom, Benny is usually quietly sitting at my feet on a bath mat—which is why you guys might have caught a glimpse of him in some of my live shows. I also can't resist picking him up and including him in my reviews sometimes, like this one from Inauguration day, when Benny Boo was but a little pup 🥺

You can actually see Benny grow up throughout my reviews. Look at this distinguished gentleman! Here is he a few months older, in my review of this HeyDewy portable humidifier that got me through the winter.
And again, another few months later. Even bigger, even cuter, an even better boy than before. Keep watching until the end...
Now, for no other reason than because I said so, please make a review showing me your dog(s). If you already have a review featuring your dog, please add it below. Show me one of your favorite recent beauty purchases or rewards, and show me your dog's cute face. Thank you!


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