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Nail Art Freestyle Challenge!

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Welcome to the Supergreat Games! From August 2nd to August 8th, we will be hosting non-stop challenges testing you in the fields of makeup, nails, hair, look recreation, and skincare. The stakes are high; each challenge will have 3 winners. The bronze medal winner will get 300 coins, silver will get 400 coins, and gold will get 500 coins. Every participant will get 50 coins, just for trying. Only one entry per person, per challenge, will be counted. So give each challenge your best shot, and may the best in beauty win!

The best part of something being freestyle is that anything goes! You don’t have to follow specific rules or guidelines in terms of creativity. The Nails Freestyle challenge is your chance to show us your best and most creative nail looks using whatever tools, techniques, and materials you want.

Here is my ultimate freestyle look!

I was inspired by the nail polish shades honestly, I fell in love with the colors and realized they go together well. I had no intention of creating nails that show Bisexual pride based on the colors, but it’s fitting nonetheless. I love metallic shades and all things that sparkle, so I wanted to try different nail patterns and colors for the different nails. Nail art is something that I am still dabbling in, so I wanted to embrace the linework skills that I have in utilizing my dotting tools and brushes to create something fun and out of my comfort zone.

For this challenge, my best advice is to try something new! Whether you have short or long nails, you can still create a stunning manicure that becomes the star of any look. Don’t be afraid to mess up, because if you do you can always start over––thank you nail polish remover.

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CHALLENGE: Don't hold back! Show us your best nail look and designs in this challenge. Only one entry per person will be counted, and you'll get 50 coins for participating. Bronze gets 300 coins, silver gets 400, and gold gets 500. You have until 08/12 to enter! GOOD LUCK.


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