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What Are Your Secret Beauty Weapons For Zoom Calls?

by @abigailrena
Apr 15, 2020


Many of us at Supergreat aren’t wearing makeup during quarantine unless it’s for a challenge or a fire Instagram post, but we still want to look alive on Zoom and take care of our skin. So while you may see us on Instagram or in reviews with a lot of makeup, most of the time we are logging into our meetings with a mostly bare face. We have some products that help us look and feel our best during our Zoom calls and we wanted to share those with you because we know you’re probably logging into school, meetings, or digital social events with your friends and while you want to look like yourself during those video chats, one hour of digital face time probably isn’t enough to motivate you to do a full face of makeup. Below we share our tips, tricks, and favorite products, but we don't want you to just take it from us so we've included some informative videos from our Supergreat community to back up our Zoom holy grails.


Staff Writer
I have three products on my desk at all times. The first product is my Tower 28 SOS Spray. The cool mist wakes me up when I’m feeling drowsy and distracted. The second product is Versed’s The Fix Emergency Eye Mask. I dab this around my eyes when I don’t get enough sleep, which is most nights lately. The third product on my desk is my Awake sleeping mask. It’s a dupe for the Laneige Sleeping Mask. It provides so much shine that our community manager, Eliza, messaged me during our Zoom meeting the other day to ask what I was wearing on my lips. Also, Zoom has a beauty feature that smooths your skin so I turned that on.


Social Media Manager
“My Kosas Wet Lip Oil is on its last leg. I alternate between that and Tower 28. I also started this weekly three-step mask thing using Origins! It’s the Clear Improvement mask, followed by a microdermabrasion scrub, and then topped off with a hydrating mask.”


“Lately, I’ve been using the Tula Eye Balm before Zoom calls! And if I’m feeling ~fancy~ and as a little extra to feel alive, I’ve been wearing Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick in Nighthawk, which is a nice brown color.”


Community Manager
“Tula Glow and Get it and Supergoop! Glowscreen give me the appearance of being awake for more than one minute before the call. For my hair, I get a rat to rustle around all night to make one giant tangle that I can then set atop my head and have a cute top knot. I’ve also been using the Vertly Rose Lip Butter to hide how dehydrated my lips are from living off of coffee and box wine.


“I’ve stopped doing any sort of face routine. I’ve basically moved my face routine to my hands. I’ve been putting Cerave Cream, Stratia Liquid Gold, and Vaseline on my hands because they are dry AF from so much hand washing and spraying my place with bleach. I have little tubs of them at my desk at all times.”


“I realized that bright, direct lighting on my face is my Zoom holy grail because it gives my face the perfect filter. Product-wise, I always apply Aquaphor on my lips and I mist my face with Lumion HOCL spay because it contains hypochlorous acid, which is a gentle disinfectant. I can’t stop touching my face during this epidemic, it’s been hard to hold back especially since I’m prone to picking at my skin when I’m feeling anxious, and I have anxiety all the time these days—so I regularly spray my face with this stuff because it’s 1) disinfecting and 2) makes my skin look hydrated and shiny on Zoom calls.”


Editorial Consultant
“I just make sure I have a shirt on and my hair doesn’t look completely gonzo.”

Now that you've read our tips, tricks, and favorite products that help us look alive on Zoom, we want to hear from you! Review your favorite Zoom-ready products or better yet, create a Zoom GRWM series and add it below! We want to see how you get ready for school, work, or digital social events during quarantine. And in case you need a cute background for your calls, our talented designer, Czarina, made two Supergreat images you can download below. If you use one of them, be sure to take a screenshot, share it on Instagram, and tag us @supergreatapp!

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