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Turn Yourself Into (Your or Any) Mom Challenge!

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Hey! Happy Mother's Day. To human moms, dog moms, cat moms, spiritual moms, moms to be, aunts, sisters, friends (because let's face it, one way or another everyone plays the role of mom every once in a while).

Today's challenge is to turn yourself into mom—whether it's your own or it's someone you consider your spiritual mom, like Cher, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jessica Lange, Ru Paul, Chrissy Teigen, whoever! (Yes, these are all my spiritual moms).

I chose my actual Ma, who is a Supergreater just like the rest of you. She sent me a photo of her from the 80s, wearing blue eyeliner (because what else?) and a nude lip that I had the perfect Rinna Beauty gloss for. Check out my recreation below.

CHALLENGE: Recreate the look of your actual or spiritual mom. Everyone who participates will get 20 coins! Include the photo of what you're recreating if you can and if you want, tell us why you chose this person. One winner will get 100 coins, and only one entry per person will be counted (but feel free to add as many as you want). You have until 05/14 to enter, GOOD LUCK and Happy Mother's Day!


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