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Welcome to the Supergreat Games! From August 2nd to August 8th, we will be hosting non-stop challenges testing you in the fields of makeup, nails, hair, look recreation, and skincare. The stakes are high; each challenge will have 3 winners. The bronze medal winner will get 300 coins, silver will get 400 coins, and gold will get 500 coins. Every participant will get 50 coins, just for trying. Only one entry per person, per challenge, will be counted. So give each challenge your best shot, and may the best in beauty win!

I was obviously very inspired by a very popular seasonal international sporting event, and I wanted to recreate an iconic shape that is associated to said sporting event. 😉

I could only manage to do 3 rings due to my own lack of skill. I didn't plan it out well enough at the beginning, so by the time I braided my hair and because of the way I set the braids I could only have 3 rings. I didn't know how to stack the other two.

The gel I used was from Sexy Hair, it's called Hard Up Gel. They claim that this product has 9/10 shine and 10/10 hold. I had mine in all day and it held the rings perfectly. All I used was one styling product and bobby pins for stability—that's it!

I hope somebody is actually able to achieve the 5 rings I was going for. I believe it can be done by someone more skilled than me. We want to see the most out of the box, outlandish hair looks that show the most technical skill and use the most interesting styling products. The wilder the better. We're talking FREESTYLE—no rules! No gravity!

CHALLENGE: Create the hair look of your wildest dreams! We're talking totally outside your comfort zone (and everyone else's, tbh). Only one entry per person will be counted, and you'll get 50 coins for participating. Bronze gets 300 coins, silver gets 400, and gold gets 500. You have until 08/12 to enter. So GO, GO, GO GO, GO!!!!!!!


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