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SGBA Challenge: Most Jam Packed Review

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Hosted by our very own Michelle and Gaby, we really want you to challenge yourselves in a jam-packed review featuring as many products as you can! Now we still want you to give a good review of these items so consider writing down your thoughts before hand, or throw caution to the wind and do it in one go! Whatever your method, give us your best 60 second pitch on your favorite items and show us how much you can get done in that time. Get creative with it and record your jam packed review now!

Michelle's 10+ Review

When asking Michelle how her review went she laughed and said, “I mean review is a loose word lmao.” She continued,”I used 18 products. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be because I just used products that I have the same opinion about. They all slap and never did me wrong.”

“My main tip for creating a jam-packed review is to take advantage of the fast forward tool and make the application of whichever product you're using quick and efficient.”

Gaby's Speedy Makeup Application

For those who want to do a review but with only a few items, you can still make it jam-packed! Reinvent what jam-packed means to you, it’s okay to tell us how hard it is.

“I only used two products (oof), it was pretty difficult. If you look at the selfies I took I look like trash.” Ed Note: Dear reader, she does not look like trash. “I basically tried to do my eye makeup in under a minute so I just threw a bunch of eyeshadow on my face as fast as I could. I don't know if I have any tips, chaos is my state of being and the state of that review.” And we love chaos at Supergreat! An eyeshadow look in under a minute, that’s jam-packed to us!

Mini Pocket Palette Eyeshadow Palette

Show Us What You Got!

Everyone will get 50 coins for participation, and the winner will not only receive 300 Supercoins, but they will also receive an extra special prize that we will reveal in a live event on April 8th. You have until April 7th to enter.

Also, don’t forget to show the nominated brands you love what they mean to you and VOTE HERE!


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