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SGBA Challenge: Most Entertaining Review

by @alexis-gaskin
Mar 20, 2022


132 Challenge entries

This year's Supergreat Beauty Awards feels a lot like a talent show featuring all our best friends that we love and support, and the community awards will be no different. We know there are some insanely talented people on Supergreat and we want to see everyone show up and out for these challenges.

For this challenge we want to see you at your most entertaining. Put your show host cap on and give us a review that shows us the best you! Eliza and Nic, arguably two of the most entertaining people at Supergreat, are constantly creating reviews full of character and life, check out their videos for some inspiration.

Nic's Audition

“When I first started using Supergreat, I made all of my reviews in character. I did Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye demo’ing the now-defunct Glossier Play launch, Drew Barrymore talking about The Ordinary, and if you haven’t seen my GRWM as Marissa Cooper… well, you should.

The reason I did this is because my entry into beauty was always through fun. Talking about beauty and cracking a laugh? You can’t beat it."

We already want to applaud a few of our favorite reviews, and Nic had a hard time picking just one. “I can’t for the life of me only pick one. @adrianaeliseg because t-a-l-e-n-t is in fact very entertaining and @btrickz because the personality jumps OUT and I can’t get enough. But the list goes on! Supergreat is an amazing place to just try something! The community is so positive and encouraging, it’s like being in your friend group just doing your thing. If you wanna be silly, if you wanna turn yourself into Tiger King on a Thursday afternoon, if you wanna do a British accent as if you’re on Love Island… do it!"

Eliza's Audition

Eliza's form of entertainment comes in the form of a travel diary on her recent trip to Mexico.

"I finally tried Habitat SPF and loved it. I never reapply SPF which is my secret shame I’ve been carrying around all these years. But now I’m living in the light. Come along with me on my journey to salvation which just happens to take place in beautiful Mexico!"

Show Us What You Got!

As usual, everyone will get 20 coins for participation, and the winner will not only receive 300 Supercoins, but they will also receive an extra special (and totally nuts) prize that we will reveal in a live event on April 8th. You have until April 7th to enter.

*Also, don’t forget to show the nominated brands you love what they mean to you and VOTE HERE! *

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